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Water Garden Pump

  • Atlantic Mag Drive MD-Series Pumps


    (3 Reviews)

    …TidalWave Magnetic Induction Pumps are the perfect choice for small water features with low head heights. Hefty and heavy-duty equipped with a removable pre-filter oversize ceramic shafts replaceable impeller assembly and a 20' power cord Atlantic TidalWave Mag Drive Pumps are the ones you've been…
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    $86.99 - 232.99
  • Aquascape Statuary Water Feature Pumps


    (No Reviews)

    …Statuary Water Pumps can be used as a tabletop fountain ornamental spitter and statuary submersible pump. These energy-efficient magnetically-driven oil-free motors prevent water contamination. Choose from 90 GPH to 320 GPH Fountain Pumps. Each pump has a flow control to customize the water flow to…
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    $24.99 - 44.98
  • Blue Thumb Clear Water Pumps


    (13 Reviews)

    …Thumbs line of Clear Water pumps are a great choice for creating waterfalls and streams in pre-filtered water feature applications. An oil-free water-cooled design makes this submersible pump fish and plant-friendly. The Blue Thumb (formerly PondBuilder) Clear Water pump is designed for continuous…
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    $197.99 - 314.99
  • Pondmaster Magnetic Drive Utility Pumps


    (64 Reviews)

    …Statuary * Sizes For Any Pond Application Pondmaster Mag-Drive pumps are tough heavy-duty and affordable! These rugged magnetic pond pumps were specifically designed to run continuously in your pond. PondmasterMag-Drive water pumps are great for: circulation filtration fountains waterfalls and…
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    $83.99 - 225.99
  • The Pond Guy SolidFlo G2 Pump


    (113 Reviews)

    …asynchronous pump housed in a low profile design. The Pond Guy SolidFlo G2 Pump perfectly pairs with pressure filters UVs waterfalls and streams. The sturdy pre-filter pump enclosure is designed to keep out large debris while allowing particles up to 1/4 pass through. The SolidFlo G2 Pump is…
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    $119.99 - 259.99
  • Blue Thumb Serenity Skimmer


    (2 Reviews)

    …For Small Ponds Up To 1300 Gallons * Protect Your Pump The Blue Thumb Serenity Skimmer provides mechanical filtration to fit your pond! The Serenity Skimmer skims away debris before it can settle to the bottom of your pond or reach your pump's intake. The two stage mechanical filtration includes…
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  • The Pond Guy MagFlo Pumps


    (66 Reviews)

    …Pre−Filter * Compact Multi−Purpose Pump * Water Feature Pump is Ideal For Decorative Ponds The Pond Guy MagFlo High Efficiency Pumps are ideal for virtually any decorative pond project. A range of sizes for operating everything from small water features to larger combined fountain and…
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    $59.99 - 199.99
  • Pondmaster Filter Kit 1250


    (4 Reviews)

    …The In-Pond Filtration system features a one coarse poly pad a fine carbon-impregnated pad fountain set tubing and a 250 gph mag-drive pump. Additionally the filter can be purchased separately to accommodate existing pumps and fountain sets. The In-Pond Filter Kit works in as little as 6 of water!
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  • The Pond Guy MagFlo 290 High Efficiency Pump


    (66 Reviews)

    …Relaxing Splash * Small Submersible Fountain Pump * 1' Fountain Spray Pattern for Small Spaces The Pond Guy MagFlo 290 GPH Pump is ideal for operating small decorative water features pond spitters and patio water gardens. This high-efficiency magnetic drive pump consumes only 17 watts of power while…
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  • Pondmaster Magnetic Drive Utility Pump 190


    (5 Reviews)

    …Drive - 190 submersible or in-line pump provides a continuous stream of water with an adjustable flow control. The motor is epoxy filled wiping out the possibility of water getting in or leaking anything into the pond. The compact design of this pond spitter pump provides up to 190 GPH through a…
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  • Triple Glacier Marble Fountain Kit

    Water Fountain * 1485 GPH Adjustable Pump * Wonderful Landscape Addition * Your Choice of Colored Polished Pebbles Enhance your landscape with this formal marble design. Each fountain piece is cut out of natural stone with 3 smooth sides and 1 carefully chiseled rough side to create a natural garden
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  • …into your pond. * Limitations of Water Features – Most water gardens rely solely on waterfalls fountains or spitters to circulate and aerate the water. These units can be effective; however they are only adding oxygen to the top portions of the water. This leaves many areas of the pond…
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