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Water Islands

  • Floating Island Planters


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    …Different Sizes To Fit Your Planting Needs * No Need To Water Planters * Protects Plant From Your Fish Easily create beautiful floating aquatic planting island arrangements with these Floating Island Planters. No need to worry about watering plants with its self-watering designed construction.…
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  • Round Floating Plant Island

    …fish. The floating plant island has a self-watering design that helps keep the water clean. Durable porous material covers the basket and styrofoam floating ring to keep pond soil contained while providing plants with enough water. Each island can be placed on the water surface individually or…
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  • …rise oxygenated water from the surface moves to the bottom creating a healthy aerobic pond ecosystem. Significance of Shape Bends and curves add a dramatic look to your pond but they also restrict circulation. In ponds with an island cove or irregular shorelines the oxygenated water created by a…
    …in 3-6 of water. Once the leaves reach the surface you can place the pot in a deeper area of your pond. * Bog Plants: These also should be planted in containers filled with Planting Media. These can be planted round the edges of your pond using Plant Bags or inside the pond with the Floating Island
    …mind when learning how to measure a pond is that ponds with an island cove irregular shorelines or other unique features require more diffusers that a uniformly shaped pond as these features limit the circulation of oxygenated water. As noted above breaking odd-shaped ponds into sections can assist…