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  • Propeller Aquatic Herbicide − Flumioxazin


    (48 Reviews)

    …or Quiescent Waters Propeller Aquatic Herbicide provides fast control of tough invasive plants such as duckweed watermeal fanwort hydrilla and more. Propeller is very versatile and breaks down quickly in the water leaving no accumulation in the sediment. This EPA registered water dispersible granule…
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    $99.99 - 109.98
  • Airmax Ultra PondWeed Defense Aquatic Herbicide


    (70 Reviews)

    …pond weeds including submerged floating and emergent weeds. This pond herbicide may be used for short term control of Duckweed in slow moving water. Use pond weed control solution with Treatment Booster Plus all season-long on actively growing plants for best results. Early season emergent…
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    $39.99 - 119.99
  • …invasive aquatic weeds. These herbicides provide broad-spectrum pond weed control in slow-moving water and kill what is actively growing in your pond. If duckweed has not completely taken over your water surface you may notice algae growth mixed in with the weeds – in which case you will need…
    …are gone. As a bonus option if temperatures fall below freezing where you live try manipulating the water level in your pond during the winter. Once ice has formed on your pond decrease the water level by at least four feet. This will freeze leeches living in the shallow muck It's an effective…
    …the water along the shoreline. Use a pressurized sprayer and apply directly to the targeted plant or for submerged weeds place sprayer's tip beneath the water's surface and spray evenly. * Granular applications are generally used in ponds lakefronts or canals and target weeds in deeper water beds…
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