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Waterfall Deicer

    …winter use or storage as some pumps are not designed to be used during freezing conditions. * Big Energy Bill: Waterfall pumps can easily top $100 per month to operate. The de-icer keeping the hole open in your ice is not much better since larger wattage units can cost up to $75 a month. In contrast…
    …and ice. Next access your pump and filter for cleaning and storage. For ponds with waterfalls and skimmers disconnect your pump & check valve and allow the water to drain from your plumbing and waterfall. For ponds with in-pond filtration or filters containing UV or ion clarifiers disconnect…
    …attaches themselves to surfaces (rocks plants filter media etc.) and eat away excess nutrients. Aeration – Promotes pond and fish health. Waterfalls and fountain sprays alone cannot produce enough oxygen but aeration kits like the The Pond Guy Pond Aerator or PondAir will do the trick.…
    …a smaller wattage de-icer and reduce your energy costs. * Saves Money – Aeration systems are energy-efficient and can help you cut down on your energy bill. These systems are designed to run 24/7 yet only cost a few bucks per month. Rather than running a costly waterfall pump all the time use…
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