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Waterfall Head Calculator

    …feature will be. This will allow you to make calculations for the materials you need. When planning think about what type of design you want. If you are aiming for a more natural look keep your feature scaled to the landscape. A 10' tall waterfall may be perfect if you are surrounded by mountains…
    …mastered the pond liner calculator and have all of your measurements head over to our video and step-by-step guide on How to Build a Pond. Great for visual learners the guide includes tips for installing your liner underlayment and other pond equipment like pumps waterfalls and lights. If you have…
    …Look for pumps in our Fountain & Spitter Pump category. * Waterfalls require a few more calculations to determine the size needed. See below for more information on sizing a waterfall pump. We have a wide variety of Waterfall Pumps available to get the flow you want. * UV Clarifiers or Pressure…

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