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    …After you have treated and killed the problem plants then you should pull the dead debris from the pond using a weed cutter and rake. The Weed Cutter and Razer Rake are perfect tools for the job. Removing dead vegetation will prevent all that decaying matter from becoming fertilizer for future…
    …treatment areas less than two surface acres evenly broadcast 12 lbs. per acre by boat or raft every two weeks. For treatment areas larger than two surface acres apply treatments every four weeks. * Use a Boat: If you are treating the entire pond or lake consider using a boat for uniform MuckAway…
    …the two products together in a pond sprayer and spray directly on the target plants. Allow 1-2 weeks for complete control. When the plants are dead (they will turn brown) remove them with the Pond Rake & Cutter. Dead vegetation makes a great nesting area so be sure to remove it! * Disrupt Their…
    …re-growing. The roots of pond cattails are the most difficult part of the plant to kill so allow the mixture to absorb into the plant for one to two weeks. This will ensure the treatment penetrates the root system. Do not stretch the application further than the instructions state as this will…
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