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  • Weld-On Multi-Purpose PVC Cement & Cleaner


    (1 Reviews)

    * Must Have For Using PVC Fittings * Full Cure In 12 Hours * Screw On Lid For Multiple Uses Weld-On C-65 Cleaner & 790 Multi-Purpose PVC Plastic Pipe Cement is a must have when installing PVC plumbing and fittings. C-65 Cleaner prepares and cleans contact surfaces for 790 Multi-Purpose PVC…
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    $5.49 - 9.99
  • Pond Installation Kit


    (No Reviews)

    * Repair & Seal Pond Liner * Kit For Minor Repairs or Installation * Great To Keep On Hand The Pond Installation Kit is great to have on hand when installing ponds waterfalls and streams. It also contains all the necessities for existing ponds in case emergencies arise. The kit contains: Fish…
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