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White Algae

    …and algae so it is not always necessary to identify the exact weed but to just determine the class of weeds it belongs to. Weed Classification * Algae: Algae is a cellular plant that is a common nuisance with no distinguishable leaves or root system. Referred to as string algae or pond scum is algae
    …a silvery white belly. They prefer quiet weedy waters and are fairly tolerant of pollution turbidity and low oxygen levels. They can tolerate temperatures as high as 104 degrees F - which is unusually high for a North American minnow - and they nosh on zooplankton insects plants and algae. Predators…
    …recognizable with a solid white body and large red markings (hi). Top quality Kohaku display a bright blemish-free white combined with deep vibrant red patterns that are evenly distributed along the body. Some common variations of Kohaku include; * Tancho - Solid white body with only a single red…
    …lighting from halogen and LED lights white or colored lighting and lights that are designed for your landscape or water features. Here are just a few options to help you get started: * Color Options: Most pond lights will come with a standard white light but some will come with color filtered…
    …inhabit just about any type of water body from lakes rivers and ponds to any area where water is present. Canada Geese have a black head and neck and white cheeks. Their bodies are brown with a tan chest and are famous for their flocks flying in the V-shaped formation. Challenges of Having Geese If…
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