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White Hardy Lily

  • Premium Grower's Choice Hardy Water Lilies


    (22 Reviews)

    …Buy 2 Premium Grower's Choice Hardy Water Lilies for $59 or Buy 3 for $79! The Pond Guy Premium Grower's Choice Hardy Water Lily's are a terrific bargain. This lily collection contains the same great hardy water lilies that we normally sell only the water lilies chosen specifically for you…
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  • Zephyr / Rain Lily - Tropical Bog

    * Bursts Into Bloom After Rainfall * Bright White Flowers * Easy to Grow Easy to grow these bright white Zephyr Lilies also known as Rain Lilies will bloom all though summer and fall. As the name suggests the Rain Lily will burst into bloom after rainfall and they best in warmer climates with plenty…
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  • Variegated Spider Lily - Tropical Bog

    …to your water garden with the Variegated Spider Lily! Beautiful spider-like blooms flower mid-summer and the white and green striped leaves make this an attractive addition with or without flowers. The bright graphic leaves make this bog lily ideal for brightening up dark corners of your water…
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  • White Snowflake Bundle of 2


    (No Reviews)

    * Tropical Bog Plant * Add Plant Interest to Your Water Garden * Increases Natural Filtration White Snowflake produces an abundance of small star-shaped dainty white flowers. Lily pad like leaves are heavily variegated green and burgundy. An excellent choice for container gardens and small ponds as…
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  • Frogbit Bundle of 3


    (29 Reviews)

    …miniature water lily and float on top of the waters surface. Their fleshy heart-shaped leaves are thick and leathery growing in a 2-6 rosette and when crowded the leaves will extend above the waters surface; otherwise they would generally lay flat on the water. Frogbit has small white flowers that…
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  • …fall into a dormant state. To winterize hardy plants use your pruning tools to trim off dead foliage just above the soil. If your plants are in pots move the pot to the pond's bottom to protect the roots from freezing temperatures. For tropical water lilies floating plants or other temperature…

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