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White Spots On Fish

    …Also known as the white spot disease often infects fish when they are under a lot of stress caused by pH fluctuations or rapid temperature changes. Along with flashing fish can be seen at the surface gasping for air with clamped fins and pinhead white spots that look like white grains of sand all…
    …Spring & Fall Fish Food in cooler months or Growth & Vibrance Fish Food in the summer. Fish feeding is also a great way to get to know them and what is normal or abnormal behavior. When visiting the pond look for both physical and behavioral changes. If the fish appear to have white spots lesions or…
    …sometimes with brown spots with a white lateral line. These hardy bait fish which prefer water temperatures between 35 and 90 degrees F gravitate toward weedy areas and prefer stream or river environments rather than lakes. They'll gobble just about anything - including fish insects larvae and…
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