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Winter Maintenance

    …Microbe-Lift PL Gel For Winter Preparation: * Aeration Kit * De-Icer * Seasonal Defense * Wheatgerm Fish Food Step 1 - Prepare for Shutdown Once all of the leaves have fallen begin your Fall pond maintenance and remove any pond netting and shut down your pond for winter. Pond Netting should be…
    …you've been using your aeration system for the summer or it has been dormant since last winter it will need some attention. Check to make sure the air stones/diffusers are working properly and install a maintenance kit to ensure it's working to its full potential. Combine a De-Icer and Aeration Kit…
    …any water lost to splashing or evaporation. * Inspect your Gadgets - Periodically take time to check your feature's pump tubing and connectors to ensure that they are sound and functioning correctly. If cold weather is approaching double-check your pump manual for winterization recommendations.
    …below are a few pointers to help you prepare your plants for the winter ahead. Know your Zone: Like terrestrial plants aquatic plants are sensitive to varying temperatures. The Hardiness Zone Map is based on the average minimum winter temperature and is the basis for determining which plants will…
    …created by the aerator forms a hole in frozen winter ice allowing for gas exchange and keeping water open and available for visiting wildlife. Below the surface it helps to break down leaves and debris which means less cleaning and easier maintenance come spring. Aeration also circulates the water…
    A long cold winter could mean trouble for your fish. When the ice on your pond finally melts this spring you might discover that your fish and other aquatic life haven't survived the season. These winter fish kills occur when the ice prevents gas exchange and reduces the amount of dissolved oxygen…
  • The Pond Guy SuperFlo Pump

    …cord is one of the longest waterfall pump cords on the market. * Features an underwater quick disconnect cord with winterizing caps. Allowing for easier removal and maintenance when it is in a pump vault or when the cord is buried. * Stainless-Steel motor lead protects the cord from normal wear…
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    $899.99 - 969.99
  • TetraPond Spring & Fall Diet Fish Food


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    * Wheat Germ Formula For Cool Temperatures * Transition Fish Into & Out Of Winter * Highly Digestible For Less Waste TetraPond Pond Sticks are a maintenance fish food enriched with essential vitamins to help keep your fish healthy active and energized. The Spring and Fall fish food is a special…
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    $22.99 - 35.99
  • winter in a bucket of water in an area that will not freeze. This keeps the seals on the pump supple and stops them from drying out which can render the pump no longer waterproof. If water gets into the inner workings of the pump it can ruin the pump. This can be a costly lesson in pond maintenance.
  • Blue Thumb Basin Kit For Medium Formal Falls w/ LED Light

    * Perfect for Blue Thumb 28 Formal Falls * Built-In LED Lighting System * No Winterizing Needed The complete Blue Thumb Basin Kits are designed to contain and recirculate water through the 28 Medium Formal Falls (Sold Separately). Great product to compete the formal falls installation in vertical…
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  • …water column or at the bottom of the pond – which is something your fish will thank you for. * Winter Water Quality – Though your fish and filtration system goes dormant for the winter the organic debris will continue to decompose and release gas into the water column. When ice is formed…
    …to the pond for fish feeding and maintenance. * Fall - This is prime pond cover net season. When the leaves start changing color pond owners know that they will eventually end up in the water. A large accumulation of debris at the bottom of the pond during winter can be detrimental to fish and…

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