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Winter Pump Storage

    pump. Clean excess debris off your pump then inspect for wear and tear or any damage like worn impellers. When storing your pump and preparing your pond for the winter we recommend placing it in a bucket of water to prevent the seals in the pump from drying and cracking during storage. Store pumps
    …your water level. Pumps need a constant supply of water so if your water level drops too much and damages your pump you will have to replace it. * Overstrained Pump: On the topic of replacing pumps double-check your manual on recommendations for winter use or storage as some pumps are not designed…
  • The Pond Guy SuperFlo Pump


    (1 Reviews)

    …efficient this pump runs at half the wattage of other comparable waterfall pumps. 50' or 100' Cord with Stainless Steel Lead & Quick Disconnect * The 50' or 100' power cord is one of the longest waterfall pump cords on the market. * Features an underwater quick disconnect cord with winterizing caps.…
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    $899.99 - 969.99
  • Aquascape Large Pondless Waterfall Kit 26' Stream w/ Aquasurge Pro 4000-8000 Pump

    pump plumbing and accessories. AquaBlox Water Storage • Easy to Assemble Integrates with Pump Vault • Provides Void Space Underground for Water • Supports up to 5472 Pounds Per Square Foot Aquascape's Large AquaBlox are designed to maximize water storage below ground. When the pump is…
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