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Wintering Fish Indoors

    No doubt your finned friends will enjoy the cozy indoors during the chilly winter season. Do you have a pole barn? A garage? A basement? An unused outbuilding? These places make perfect indoor places to overwinter your fish. Koi and goldfish begin their wintertime dormancy at about 45 degrees…
    …Moors need to be moved indoors for the winter months when water temperatures start dropping into the 60's. If these situations apply to your pond check out our article for overwintering your fish indoors. Prep Before the ice forms So you've decided to winter your fish over in your pond following…
    …For Winter Preparation: * Aeration Kit * De-Icer * Seasonal Defense * Wheatgerm Fish Food Step 1 - Prepare for Shutdown Once all of the leaves have fallen begin your Fall pond maintenance and remove any pond netting and shut down your pond for winter. Pond Netting should be stored indoors to keep…
  • Lemon Bacopa Bundle of 5


    (9 Reviews)

    …bog area. Bright blue flowers adorn the lemon scented foliage all summer. To winter over in colder climates simply take some cuttings before the first frost in your area and place in water in a bright sunny window indoors. Lemon Bacopa plants will thrive in a wide range of growing conditions from…
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  • …pond and monitor the behavior of the newly introduced fish. Active and curious fish are happy and well fish. Overwintered Fish Re-introducing your fish to their summer home can be a safe and simple process if you overwinter them indoors. * Perform A Pond Cleanout: Clean your rocks waterfall filters…
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